Welcome to “From the Chairlift”

Welcome to a new and improved version of From the Chairlift. My blog’s name came from my weekly newspaper column about skiing which ran for fifteen years in the Standard-Times (New Bedford, MA). In that time, I never missed a column in spite of working full time as a physical therapist and raising a family. Time moves onward and adapting to life’s changes is always an ongoing process.  Retired from my career, I am now able to focus more time on writing and staying active and healthy. My family has grown to include an almost two year old granddaughter who lights up when we are in the mountains.

From the Chairlift is now a blog,  an informal, diary style form of writing that lives on the World Wide Web. This is still a resource for skiers and snowsports enthusiasts as well as lovers of the outdoors in any season. Truly passionate skiers and riders know that the entire calendar year connects to their snow season as we strive to stay active and ready for the snow to fall again.

Thanks for visiting and come back often to see what this blog has to offer. Stay happy and hopeful and healthy.


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