Winter has arrived and it’s golden.

After a painfully warm December in New England, the temperatures now hover around freezing while snow showers coat the trees.  For skiers, riders and all winter sports enthusiasts, winter’s arrival means finally being able to get out on skis or hike on snow covered trails. Although some enjoyed  golf on Christmas Eve, those of us who play in the snow were nearing the end of our patience.

Mountain resorts are open but operating with limited  terrain while snow guns roar.  Base depths need to grow to provide good coverage to take a sluggish start well into March and beyond.  Everyone knows this hasn’t been the best start to the ski season but at least we can now say, it has started.

With this ski season’s debut, I begin my 50th year of skiing. Now some of those years were rather lean but the numbers don’t lie. This is my golden year and I plan on making it superb.

I wasn’t one of those kids who grew up in a skiing family. My older brother and I both were introduced to skiing through youth fellowship ski trips. We both became life long skiers as a result. There were many day trips but few formal lessons until I discovered I could take “ski instruction” as a Physical Education class in college. This solidified my love of skiing and from then on, getting on the slopes became a priority.

My husband and I raised two kids who learned much about life skiing and snowboarding. Our memories of years spent in the New England mountains still make us smile. We are all better for having embraced this winter activity as a family.

Now  a new season is ahead of us. Life’s inevitable changes have come our way but we are still enjoying as much time on the snow as possible. We treasure this time even when the snow comes late. That first chairlift ride always brings a sense of promise and expectation and for me, the beginning of my golden year.

Get outside and enjoy the winter.  There is adventure just waiting to make you smile.




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