About Vicki Abbott Bancroft


Enjoying some fresh snow.

emma and hailey ski

Vicki Bancroft started skiing in the days of retention straps and slow chairlifts. It is a sport she loves and continues to enjoy with her friends and family.  As a pediatric physical therapist, Vicki became involved in adaptive skiing a number of years ago and  this continues to be an interest close to her heart.  Now retired from her career as a physical therapist, she focuses her time on freelance writing and healthy aging. Staying physically active and striving to be one of the many baby boomers redefining aging, Vicki’s other interests include sailing. kayaking, fishing and walking.

As a ski writer, Vicki is a proud member of the North American Snowsports Journalists Association (NASJA). In 2003, she travelled to Telluride, Colorado where she was awarded the Harold S. Hirsch Award for Excellence in Snowsports Website Writing.  Her skiing has taken her to Switzerland, Canada, and Colorado but primarily, the New England slopes are home.

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