The Perks of Midweek Skiing

How weekday slope time improves skiing

     Have you been to your favorite mountain on a weekday?  There is a calmness and relaxed feeling only to be found between Mondays and Thursdays.  Without the bustle of families and young children, bus trip visitors and weekenders, midweek skiing can be your best friend.

If you are over a certain age, sometimes referred to as senior, reduced ticket prices may lure you to ski midweek. You can find all sorts of deals throughout New England.   For New Hampshire, click here for senior deals  or if you are headed to Vermont, look for discounts at Ski Vermont .  If you live in southern New England and want a closer venue, consider Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA.  Wachusett deals can be found here .

You may have guessed by now that saving money is only one of the benefits of mid week skiing. The real treasure is found in skiing with very few people maybe even alone. With fewer skiers and riders on the slopes, you can concentrate on your technique and improve your skiing. The snow stays fresh longer and this is the best setting to focus on how you are skiing.

If there was ever a time to grab some midweek skiing, it is during March. The sun’s angle is just a bit higher than the preceding months and with clocks springing ahead on March 12th,  this

is the time to get to the slopes midweek. If you are lucky enough to catch one of the abundant “bluebird” days, you’ll need some sunscreen or you just may see the beginnings of the coveted goggle tan.

Do you know of someone who hasn’t skied in years and wants to try again? If you are healthy and in good physical condition,  you can try skiing again. The equipment advances in everything from base layers to goggles to skis make it a very reasonable idea. And midweek is the time to try but do your friend a favor and have them start with a lesson or two. Don’t let them dress like they did in the 1970s. Jeans are NOT for skiing nor are ear muffs. Outfit them with the right equipment from clothing to skis. Learning to ski today is easier than it used to be, trust me. When I think back to terrain conditions and what we thought was the hot gear decades ago, I am surprised I stayed with it. I sure am glad I did because this sport has provided me with countless days outside with friends and family.

Grab a midweek day this month and get to the slopes. Keep your stance open, your hands forward and with a smile on your face, see how amazing your skiing can be.


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